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The Simple Act of Faith

Simple doesn’t quite appeal to the modern woman.   Even as many of us long for a return to simplicity, we find our lives speeding up and filling up more each year.  

Why is it that we humans have such a hard time keeping things simple in life?  We complicate every little thing. 

Paul voiced this concern when he wrote to Jesus’ followers: “But I fear, as Eve was deceived by the serpent's cunning, that your minds may be corrupted from the simplicity which is in Christ.” 

We have a cunning enemy, and his tactic is to distract us and complicate the vital things that Christ came to make simple. 

Like faith.

Faith is the key to seeing God in everyday life.

Faith is the access door to living in peace when others are anxiety ridden.

Faith enables us to love fully because we trust our needs to be met by our loving Father.

Faith establishes us in our true identity.  It banishes fear, sets us free from painful pasts, brings joy and hope to our weary lives.  It empowers us to live supernatural lives. 

Faith is nothing less than the gateway to a relationship with the omniscient and all-powerful Creator of the universe!.

No wonder our enemy wants to keep us from living a life of faith.

So in come distractions and complications everywhere we look.

But don’t be deceived.

While complications make faith seem so “spiritual” and hard to attain, in reality it is the simplest and plainest thing in the world - and the most easy to put into practice.

You see it may not sound mystical or exciting, but faith is simply a decision. Just like you had faith today that your car would not explode on the way to work and you drove it - we can make that same decision to believe God.  Faith is simply belief.  And then just like every other belief, we act on it.

We don’t need to feel anything.  We simply need to choose to take God at face value and believe what he says about us and about Himself.

I grew up around religion but I was well into my 20s when I was finally challenged to believe - not because I felt it - but because if I didn’t, I was basically calling God a liar.  So I chose to believe - despite my lack of feelings.  And my faith grew.  And pretty soon the feelings followed.  And my life changed forever.

Don’t let the enemy complicate faith for you.

Start growing your faith today by simply choosing to believe what God has already shown you. Stand firm with it.  Affirm it.  Confirm it.  Claim it.  And act on it.  God will bless and strengthen whatever little amount of faith you choose to exercise.  Jesus birthed faith in us and HE is our guide as we move forward into faith’s perfection.  

Lead on Lord Jesus - bless us as we step into faith and choose to live out our namesake: BELIEVERS.

-Kelly Joyce (a contributing writer and member of the COBI community)

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