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Our Beauty for Ashes Conference helps women discover the beautiful truths of who they are in Christ and the hope found in God's love and power. Through teaching, prayer, worship, and small groups, women are renewed, healed, and set free from bondage.

God often uses the retreat as a turning point in which women begin to live in freedom, power, and joy through the Word and the Spirit. However, ultimately this retreat seeks to teach women a lifestyle of seeking God daily to be victorious over sin, lies, shame, strongholds, the trials of life, and spiritual battle.

The Lord has opened doors for the expansion of Crown of Beauty internationally; we are reaching countries in Asia, the South Pacific, Africa, Europe, the Arab World, the USA, and more to come. 

Many of those we reach live in impoverished countries with little financial means which prevents them from attending the conference. It's only through the generous giving of our supporters that these women are able to attend our conferences  to enjoy times of worship, teaching, fellowship with other women and receive prayer. 


Would you consider supporting these women to attend our conference by donating a gift today?

Are you interested in hosting a conference? 

God often uses the conferences and discipleship groups as a turning point in which women begin to live in the freedom, victory and power of the Word of God and the Spirit. Conferences are team-led and integrates worship, teaching from the Word, prayer and small groups. We offer flexibility from half to a full day conference schedule or if you prefer more intimate time for fellowship and reflection, we can accommodate for overnight retreats. After the conference, we will be available to encourage women to continue the path of discovery and healing through our discipleship groups that gather in-person and online. Both conferences and discipleship materials encourage women to seek a victorious lifestyle over sin and shame, and to endure through life’s trials.

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