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Reflections of Light

To reflect light, all I need to do is BE in its presence. It’s a beautiful concept really. The truth is that we are made to reflect our Maker. Just as a Rembrandt or Picasso bears each thoughtful brushstroke of their creator, I also bear the marks of my Maker. The design is exquisite. My body is truly a marvel. The way it heals, functions, regenerates, creates energy, carries me through my day. My mind is amazing too. New understandings and thoughts open doors to feelings, which create a reaction in my body, and spur me to action - which in turn affects my environment.

However, one of the best ways I can bring about change in my world is by simply reflecting the light that I find in Him.

And for this I don’t need to strive.

Nor do I need to try to create my own light.

The way for a surface to reflect the most light into darkness is to be clear of dirt and to be fully facing the source.

So there are two things I want to tend to. The first is: am I clean?

To stay “clean” is to keep my mind from being polluted by thoughts that are not life giving. It was an epiphany to me when I realized that I was not my thoughts. In fact I didn't have to believe everything that popped into my head. Many of my thoughts even proved to be untrue. So I learned to bring my thoughts to God. Is this true about me? About the situation? I stopped relying on my thoughts and the emotions they created as “the truth”. Polluted thoughts lead to polluted actions - and sin will cause separation between me and God as well as mare and dirty my life. So to keep polluted thoughts from covering over my surface I quiet my racing thoughts and spend time listening to God. I confess any sin as soon as I become aware of it. He removes all of the crud, all of the lies that try to bury me and dim my ability to reflect His light.

The second thing is: am I fully facing the light?

To make sure I am fully facing the light, I need to spend time in close proximity to God. “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you”. So I practice His presence. I discipline my mind to be aware of Him and to dwell on who He is. I keep my face turned to Him. Sure I get distracted - my attention gets dragged away by all the other shiny objects in my life. But unless I regularly raise my face back up to fully gaze at my loving God, I will only be reflecting minimal amounts of light.

This is the season when the Angels announced the arrival of the one who said “...I am the light of the world…” (John 8:12). May we bask in His light as we help to reflect his splendor to a hurting world!

- Kelly Joyce

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