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God, You Never Change.

This morning I was deeply comforted by the enduring truth that God is never threatened by our lack of understanding. I’m sure we’ve all experienced things that we really just can’t make sense of, this side of eternity, or have heard the ways that others have suffered and are left without words or understanding. Sometimes we may feel really uncomfortable with topics like “the problem of evil,” or how a good God allows suffering, or why God allows His children to endure tragic circumstances that we just can’t make any sense of. Maybe you’ve even tried to avoid these topics, or know other believers who do, often because they’re such difficult and emotional waters to navigate. Yet in the midst of our confusion and complete inability to understand, God is not threatened by these things. Our suffering that seems useless or beyond what we can fathom does not threaten the character and nature of our God. The Lord in fact sits with us in the pain and utter brokenness and invites us to come and know Him in deeper, richer ways than we ever have before.

I don’t say any of this to make light of the tragedies and pain that you have personally endured or witnessed, but I do say this to remind us that God is not threatened by our situations, our doubts, our fears, or our suffering. He does not change; He does not become less good, less loving, less powerful, or less present with you. So continue to bring those questions, those aching places of your heart before our all-powerful, compassionate God. And if you can't right now, ask the Lord to help you move out in faith and take one step at a time to come. Know that He can bear the aching questions of your heart. Know that He will never change.

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