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But When You Say to Rest...

-So much work…. People in need, anger everywhere, hurt and war and want and loss… and me trying to muster up enough strength to just get through my day.  Why do I feel like I go through life EXHAUSTED?

“The work is mine and mine alone. Your work - to REST in ME.”

-But there is so much to do Lord!  I don’t have time to rest!  Rest is a luxury and I need to earn my good daughter points by tirelessly pouring myself out on the altar for you!

“In repentance and REST is your salvation. In quietness and in TRUST is your strength.”

-But have you seen the mess around me?  And IN me?  I am overwhelmed by all of the darkness I need to fight off at every moment...trusting is hard sometimes.

“Little Child, do not be afraid, for I am pleased to give you the KINGDOM.”

-You mean, as soon as I get all of my work done?  I’m trying…

 “O struggling one with so many doubts...Remember:  It is DONE.”

-Right, but when you say done…

“I mean salvation comes from ME, and none other.  You are not made to save the world or yourself.  You are here to rest in ME.  Abide in ME.  BE one with ME.  That is your only work.

-Lord, I gotta be honest - keeping busy and trying to do all the things myself is sometimes easier than trying to connect with a God I cannot see or touch.  I feel out of my comfort zone.

“I know.  But I am HERE.  Nothing can separate us.  Simply come closer.  Draw near to me and I will draw near to you.”

-So you want me to just sit here with you and rest?  That doesn’t seem very productive...

“Yes my Child. I see you are weary. Come to me and I will refresh your life!  Simply join your life to mine. You will find refreshment and rest for your soul. Rest in ME. You are my CHILD and I delight in you and LOVE you with my perfect all-encompassing LOVE  I will PROVIDE.  I will FIGHT.  I will SAVE.  Your work is to REST in that knowledge in the midst of a world that is telling you that you are alone and that everything depends on you.  Your Father knows what you need.  It is already provided for.  Put all of your energies into RESTING in me.  I will surround you and empower you to spread the kind of change you tirelessly toil to do on your own.  Simply REST, and I will do the rest.”

-Kelly Joyce (a contributing writer and member of the COBI community)

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