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This morning during my time with the Lord we were sitting together in Romans 1. Paul’s words in the chapter really capture how great of sinners we all are and our rebellion against God. All of us have tried to be our own god and control and order the way that we think our lives should be. None of us have sought God. None of us have brought anything good before Him that would make us worthy of what He has done for us in Jesus Christ. The beauty and magnitude of the Gospel is just so rich within Romans 1 and the entire book of Romans.

Jesus has radically changed my heart and yours, if you have put your trust in Him, because Jesus has made our dead hearts alive.

He has rescued us from our own sin, from our own choosing to walk in sin and build our lives upon sin. He has made the way for our eyes to be opened and our hearts to recognize our rebellion and disdain towards God. He has made the way to receive forgiveness and turn our hearts back towards God.

The Holy Spirit really moved me, to the point of tears, to thank Jesus for what He has done for me. As I thanked Him out loud for anything and everything good in me, that I know is only because of Him and His transformational work in my life, the Holy Spirit helped me to see more clearly the foolishness of continuing to walk in the pain, brokenness, despair, and lies that sin creates and feeds within our own souls. Jesus paid the price to rescue you and I from our sin, from our brokenness and confusion, from those lies that we identify ourselves in and walk in as if they were true.

Sister, Jesus silenced those lies upon the cross and they are now powerless. You are worthy. You are loved. You are good enough. You are accepted. You are wanted. You are useful. You are talented. You are special. Why? Because Jesus (God), the perfect Savior has said that Y O U A R E.

Don’t walk in the lies of the enemy today. Don’t walk in the lies that you have maybe walked in as long as you can remember. Confess them to Jesus, the One who died so that you could see the lies for what they are so that you can walk daily in Truth. Memorize the truth, look up Scriptures to combat those lies that you’re tempted to believe about yourself. Use God’s Word as your defense. Jesus walks with you today, look to Him sister and walk in your true identity.

Today’s Bible Reading: Romans 1

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