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Who is Your Role Model?

Role models can inspire us to step out and do courageous and noble things. They can give us hope that we too can have a meaningful and successful life. They can challenge us to live a more other-centered life and make a positive impact on this world.

Lately, I have been meditating on the life of Jesus. He is one role model who does not fail us. As we look at His life on earth, He was trustworthy and consistently practiced what He preached. He continues to impact our world to bring hope, kindness, love, and forgiveness. He transforms lives and communities not only for good in our current day, but also for eternity.

In Luke 5:12-26, Jesus shows us four important principles to live by.

1. In Luke 5:14, Jesus told the leper not to tell anyone that He healed him. Sometimes He did encourage people to share about His miracles and healings. However, Jesus was not about selfishly promoting Himself. He was about helping people and bringing glory to the Father.

Question to ask yourself: What are my motives in all I am doing?

2. Jesus often withdrew to quiet places to pray (see Luke 5:16). He stayed in consistent communion with the Father. This is how His strength, joy, and instructions for all He did were renewed.

Question to ask yourself: Do I consistently take breaks to pray and rest in God?

3. “And the power of the Lord was present for Jesus to heal the sick” (Luke 5:17b). Jesus did not heal everyone. In His humanity, He too depended on the power of the Spirit to perform miracles and healings.

Question to ask yourself: Do I depend on God’s timing and power to minister to others?

4. Jesus has the authority to forgive sins (see Luke 5:24). No matter what wrongs we have done, the Lord invites us to come to Him to receive forgiveness. Yes, we can ask Him to provide for our needs, but the greatest gift we receive from Him is forgiveness.

Question to ask yourself: Have I confessed and received forgiveness for all known sin in my life. Have I forgiven others as Christ has forgiven me?

If you want to receive true peace, love, and wisdom, let Jesus be your role model. There is no one more trustworthy than Him.

-Sue Corl

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