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What Are Your Passions?

When I ask you, “What are you passionate about?” what comes to mind? We are often driven by our passions. They are the things that we really care about and influence our behaviors. For a long time, I was passionate about sports. It influenced how I ate, how I spent my time, where I went to college, and what I planned to do when I graduated.

I am on a plane as I write this, and I asked the guy sitting next to me what he is studying in graduate school. He said podiatry. I wondered what would make someone passionate about feet! In talking more to him, I discovered that he had a lot of trouble with his feet and ankles in sports and it was a podiatrist who cared for him and enabled him to continue in his basketball career – his passion at that time.

When someone or something helps us feel emotionally, physically, or spiritually healthier, we become passionate about it (i.e. yoga, exercise, a vegan diet, following a certain podcaster). My passion shifted about twenty years ago. After years of struggling with a fear of rejection, the Lord set me free to walk in confidence. The Word of God and communion with the Shepherd of my soul helped me understand the truth of who I am. I was delivered from fear of what others thought of me. Realizing the significance of my identity as the daughter of the King of kings, the bride of Christ, and an ambassador of the Kingdom of God changed my life. What an honor to have such noble titles! Now I can confidently face others.

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come” (2 Corinthians 5:17).

Whether someone rejects me or accepts me is irrelevant because my Lord adores me and daily pours out His love to me. I no longer fear failure because the Spirit guides my every step and patiently encourages and forgives me, even when I mess up!

When we take the time to ask the Spirit to reveal our passions, we will gain insight into the motivations that are fueling our behaviors. Sometimes this awareness will also uncover why we can’t get free from certain bad habits or sinful behaviors. Other times, this awareness will help us see more clearly the calling God has for us to serve Him and others.

Take time to think about what is driving your behaviors. What do you really care about? What do you wish you could change? Who do you wish you could help and in what ways would you want to help them? This can expose your deepest passions. Then ask God to lead you in how to serve him utilizing your passions. If you discover that some of your passions are harmful to you or others, confess them and ask the Lord to forgive you, heal you, and fill you with Christlike passions. The result – you will feel great joy and a renewed excitement for each day!

Image by: Kaelah Byrom

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