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The Shadow of Suffering

He was a man of sorrows.

Rejected by his own people, neglected in his hour of need, betrayed by his own disciple,

abandoned and denied by his best friends.

A man of no sin, yet falsely accused and condemned.

He was brought to shame by being stripped of his clothing, mocked by many, spit upon, beaten on the head with a staff, an excruciatingly painful sharp crown of thorns forced into his skull, his back flogged until nearly all his skin was gone, like a sheep led to slaughter, nailed to a cross, hung in a way creating suffocation, pain we cannot even fathom.

Yet he did this for us.

Yes, us! Sinners.

Who often reject His Word, denying His power and love. We choose to walk in our own ways and pleasures, in self-glorification rather than obey and exalt our God.

He bore our sins on the cross that we might not suffer eternal separation from God, but rather have eternal life.

By his wounds, we are healed.

He made us righteous. Forgiven.

Brought into a beautiful friendship with God. Loved, adored, cherished by our Lord.

Let us worship our Savior and King!

-Sue Corl

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