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The Lord will See

I used to go on road trips quite a bit as a kid. Being a missionary kid meant that we needed to visit lots of supporting churches and family the summers we would return to the States. So we would spend time in the car almost every day. Even back in my childhood country of France we used to road trip it for vacations. So my mom became quite good at providing for three bored and hungry young girls in the back seat. She would sit up front with her feet cramped and covered in all of the bags of food and activities she would bring along. She tried to anticipate all of our needs by making sure she had an assortment of green AND purple grapes, sweet AND salty snacks, books, music, coloring…you name it. This was of course before we all spent our travel time glued to a device.

Recently, when I was reading about God’s name Jehovah-jireh, I learned something new. I didn’t know that the name doesn’t just mean the Lord will provide - but also the Lord will see. And I love how the two go hand in hand. God sees all of our needs. In fact God knew what we would need at every stage of our journey even before we existed. It’s good to be omniscient. Nothing takes you by surprise or catches you unprepared. Not only are you perfectly positioned to provide for all needs, but you are also - back in the realm of time - anticipating the needs before they are even uttered in prayer.

I thought of my mother. The moment she would become aware of a need or the minute we expressed it she would immediately begin to provide for it. Especially on a car trip where all of her resources were by her feet - it never took long for her to produce the tissue or the book or the apple slices we requested. Sometimes we didn’t have to say anything at all. She could see our faces and read that we were tired or thirsty or ready for a bathroom break. The sight of our need was enough for her to set out providing for it.

How much more does God see? How much better prepared is He?

He doesn’t sleep. He doesn’t get distracted or too busy. His presence is constant, all around us, in us. God knows the thoughts we are going to think and the requests we are going to make next week, next month and next year - even before we do. He has already seen the needs for the next decade and made provision for each of them.

A parent cannot help it - as soon as they see a need - they begin immediately to provide for it. How much more when you are not limited by time and space? Every need He sees He provides for. He makes that abundantly clear by telling us His name: Jehovah-jireh.

He SEES and therefore provides for everything. He cannot do otherwise or it would be contrary to His very nature.

Now there are times when the provision may not be what we are asking for.

There were times when we asked for cookies and my mom handed back carrot sticks. But ultimately our need for nourishment was met. And probably better than if we had experienced that sugar spike in the backseat of a long ride. Mom knew best.

How much more does God???

Trust that He SEES every one of your needs and has already made provision - since He already knew you would be here, in this place, at this time, with this need.

Thank him in advance for what He has prepared!

Jehovah-jireh sees. His Children do not need to worry about meeting their own needs.

“Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask Him.” Matthew 6:8

Thank you Abba for providing a loving mom as an example of what you do on a MUCH bigger scale. And thank you that I CAN REST in the knowledge that you have brought everything I need for this crazy road trip and I can enjoy the ride when I trust you to provide.

-Kelly Joyce

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