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Tends His Flock

This is an interesting time of life for me. Two factors are colliding in such a way that potentially could cause trouble. As I am getting older, I am becoming a bit more forgetful. But at the same time, my ministry is growing in leaps and bounds, thus resulting in more details that I must tend to. This could create a problem. However, lately, I have been very aware that the Lord has been helping me step by step to remember all the many details I need to take care of. As I begin each day, and continue to pray throughout the day, I ask the Lord to guide me each step of the way. His Spirit has led me to look at Scriptures about His role as my Shepherd. Today, the first line of Isaiah 40:11 truly resonated with how I feel. “He tends His flock like a shepherd.”

When I researched the meaning of tends in the Strong’s Concordance, I was very touched by the description of the Shepherd. He is one who teaches the sheep and leads them to graze in the pasture. But then an interesting addition is included in this Hebrew word for “tends” (“raah”). It shares the idea of the Shepherd being a companion and special friend. Our Shepherd is there for us to lead us through our day. He cares about even the smallest details. If you surrender your day to Him and keep your mind open to dialog with Him, He will guide you. He will remind you of things you need to do. He will give you wisdom in your interactions with others. He will be your special friend walking side by side with you.

Invite the Shepherd to tend to you throughout your day.

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