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Shine like the Stars...

...When we live in a Christ-like manner, our character shines so bright that we are like the stars I saw in Northern Thailand. We will stand out from the darkness and others will want to know why it is that we can be so outstandingly different. Complaining, arguing or the myriad of other sinful behaviors are like the pollution in the sky that I so frequently see that covers up the stars at night and the sunshine and blue sky in the day. This pollution is tearing down the emotional and physical health of all those living in it. In the same way, when we give in to sin and let it prevail in our lives, it not only slowly destroys our emotional, physical, and spiritual health, but it has a very negative impact on those around us.

This presents us with a choice: Do we continue in our sinful attitudes and behaviors rationalizing them or telling ourselves that there is nothing we can do about it, or, do we cry out to God in repentance and tell Him to forgive and change us so that we can shine like stars in the universe, encouraging others to want to know Christ? It begins with a deep-seated hunger to want to be like Christ.

Surrender your heart today and ask the Lord to do whatever He needs to do to make you this shining star!

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