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Precious in My Sight // Part 3

When I was a little girl, I had a Great Uncle give me a sweet teddy bear whom I named Kenny Bear. I slept with Kenny Bear every night. Eventually I wore all the fur off of him and one day my mother put him in the trash. When I found him, I retrieved him and hid him in my closet for years. Kenny bear was precious to me and so I valued him, even though he was aged, battered, and “broken.” Well, this is a great analogy of how we are to God. Even though we are battered and broken, often stumbling, sinning, and lacking in faith, we are still precious to God. Though others may not value us, may reject us, criticize us, or “throw us away”, we are so precious to the Father that He sacrificed His own son and Jesus gave even His own life for us because we are valuable, special and important to Him.

If you are struggling with feeling worthless, useless, unimportant, unloved, or not good enough, go to this wonderful passage of Truth and meditate on it every day until you believe it. Perhaps you have someone who belittles you, beats you down, and treats you as if you are unimportant, useless, or worthless. My sister, I want to encourage you that THEE most intelligent and wise One of all tells you that you are valuable, precious, honored, loved, and important. It saddens His heart that another would cast lies of shame and disrespect on you. Satan, the father of lies is behind this. But our wonderful Lord and Father looks upon you in utter delight and adoration. Sit before the Lord and proclaim Isaiah 43:4. When we feel precious to such a noble and loving King, Father, and Lord, we will be set free to love ourselves and thus love God and others more deeply.

Excerpt from More Beautiful By The Day, a devotional by Sue Corl

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