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Our secret dwelling

“She who dwells in the secret place of the Most High will rest under the shadow of the Almighty.”

Where you live can affect a lot of things. I remember when I moved out of a very busy suburban area a few years ago into a more rural setting. Driving down my quiet tree lined street and up into our wooded lot brought an instant release of the stress and anxiety built up from being surrounded by traffic and people all day. My new dwelling place brought me peace in a way I had not expected. Here, coming home to the chirping and the breeze in the trees was a comforting and relaxing experience.

Our sense of safety, our health, our comfort - all of these things depend on where we live. Most of our interests and worldly possessions are bound up in our home. Just scroll through Pinterest or HGTV to see the amount of time of effort people spend making their homes as comfortable and lovely as possible.

But if a home matters so much for our bodies and our physical comfort, how much more does our spirit need a safe and comfortable place to reside? Our spiritual well-being, safety and comfort rely on where our soul is living.

Where is your spirit hanging out these days? Did you know that God has provided for us the strongest of towers, the most impenetrable of forts, the warmest and most comfortable of dwelling places? In fact God tells us again and again that He is our home. Our souls are made to rest and abide in Him.

God is our refuge when we feel scared and confused by the events in our lives. He is our strong tower when we need defense from the attacks of the enemy. And he is our fortress against all of the storms that batter our souls.

Our souls will never be at rest until they arrive at the place that they are meant for - abiding in the secret place of the Most High, nestling in the shadow of His loving wings.

In God’s care, no security can be more absolute, no care more all-encompassing, no provision more perfect. There is no room in this dwelling for fear or worry to mar the decor. If we truly believe God’s promises to be true - which is what faith requires us to do - then we must leave all our worries at the door.

“Abide in me”

He is our home. We are safe from every attack when we are hidden with Him.

While in the physical realm we may experience cruelty, violence and every unfair treatment - our souls can remain in a state of comfort and peace because they dwell in the secret place.

Abide = trust in Him. These are the same thing and go hand in hand in the spiritual realm. When I am trusting then I am abiding in Him. When I doubt, then I am no longer abiding in Him and become vulnerable to all of the attacks and elements that wear my spirit down.

Trust that He is your very real dwelling place.

Stay in the shadow of his wings.

You are here, you are safe, you are home.

-Kelly Joyce

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