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Live It Out

We’ve talked a lot this week (and last week) about the seriousness of our sin and the importance of daily surrender and repentance before the Lord. We want to be of the business of “catching the foxes” and protecting our gardens/souls from the chaos and havoc the foxes/sin cause(s).

This week we talked about what it looks like to take off the “old self” and put on the “new self,” how to/the importance of renewing our minds, taking captive our thoughts, and being filled with the Spirit...

-What has the Lord been sharing with you about the condition of your heart and your response to sin in your life?

-Are there any things or actions that He is inviting you to surrender before Him? Any changes He is asking you to make, today?

Take some time in concentrated prayer today, bringing these things before the Lord. Ask Him to search out your heart and expose anything that maybe you're not aware of (Psalm 139:23-24). Remember that His Spirit is the One at work in you, producing righteousness and holiness, empowering you to live out a life of obedience and submission before the Lord. You are not in this alone, He is the One at work in you. Partner with Him, dear sister.

For a review on this particular study, "Catching the Foxes" visit posts beginning July 15th.

"Catching the Foxes" is a chapter directly from our 12 week Crown of Beauty Bible study (available under "shop")

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