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In The Midst of Fear and Uncertainty

Who is God in the midst of fear and uncertainty?

We are all familiar with fear, perhaps increasingly so as we watch the world fighting against COVID-19, witnessing panic infiltrate our news, the thoughts, hearts, and behaviors of those around us, and possibly of our own as well. It takes only a few moments, glancing at the world reports, before sadness, uncertainty, and waves of other emotions sweep over us. I think we’ve all become increasingly aware, in the last few days, of the battle it is to walk in peace day by day, moment by moment. So who is God in the midst of our fear and uncertainty and how does He respond to us?

I’ve seen this verse posted on several social media platforms this week and don’t think it coincidence that we’re calling our minds to pay attention to the message: “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever” (Hebrews 13:8). Could it be that our God is the same God today as He was before this pandemic? The same God He was on the day(s) in your memory bank that brings you most joy? The same God who was trustworthy and true when life was “normal”? The same God who He has always been throughout all of history, both during times of peace and others of great tragedy, turmoil, and death? Could it be that though so much has changed in just a few days and the uncertainty is so great, that nothing about God has changed at all, that He is still sovereign, still in control, still full of lovingkindness and compassion?

Look back at Hebrews 13:8; the Prince of Peace is still who He has always been and His invitation towards us to is to come and receive each day, moment by moment, true peace that is only found in Him. Do not let this pandemic rob you of your peace, sister. God has not changed, He is seated on His throne. He is ready to engage with you and all of your honest, raw emotions. He is offering you peace in Him. Press in, receive it, and don’t let it go. Then, share it with those around you and witness the goodness of the Lord in your midst.

Today’s Bible Reading: Psalm 27; Psalm 46:10

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