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Freedom from Comparison

As I found myself this week thinking more intensely than normal about what people thought of me, how they viewed me, if they placed value upon me, etc., I had to come back to this question:

Why is it sin to compare ourselves to others? How does the enemy use comparison to damage our soul? How does the enemy use comparison to hurt our relationships with others?

I had to sit in this question for a little while and really think about why comparison is so bad for me, in my relationships with others, and ultimately in my walk with Jesus. Often, I need the Holy Spirit to remind me that comparison is actually sin and ask Him to increase my hunger and thirst for righteousness in every area of my heart and life…

“Not accepting our differences and neglecting to thank God for how He has uniquely and wonderfully made us (Ps. 139:13-14) often leads us into the bondage of comparison. The whole nature of comparison is sin. It is saying that there is a standard other than God which is the best and anything short of that is inferior. It is also rejecting God’s Word which says that the uniqueness of who we are and the intentional thought that He put into creating each one of us is part of His glorious and wonderful design. God desires us to be like David in praising our Creator for who He has made, not comparing ourselves to others and then being dissatisfied in God’s beautiful creation.” Crown of Beauty – 12 Week Bible

Are you struggling in this area of comparison at all, dear sister? Is there a standard coming to mind that you’ve determined is the deciding factor of beauty, worth, intelligence, #goals, that is other than God? Bring these things to Jesus today. Ask for a heart of repentance and a hunger for truth to overcome those lies that comparison speaks to your heart. Visit Psalm 139 and pray through those verses.

We do not have to walk in the bondage of comparison, dear sister.

The heart of God is that we would walk in freedom as the woman that He has fearfully and wonderfully made us to be; that we might say, “marvelous are you works; and my soul knows it full well” (Psalm 139:14b).


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