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Find Rest, oh my Soul

Today’s we'd like to invite you to sit in David's heart song before the Lord in Psalms 62:5-8 and Psalms 63:1-8.

Based on these passages, say as much as you can to describe David’s relationship with God...

We see that David looks to "God alone" to find rest and hope. The Lord brings him security and stability. He uses many words of imagery to describe the God who brings him safety and protection: “rock, salvation, fortress, mighty rock, refuge, help, shadow of wings, right hand upholds me.” It is thought that when David wrote this Psalm, he was in Jerusalem but “feeling for his life” from his son Absalom who was trying to kill him. Though David had an army, he did not want to go into battle against his own son, he just continued to “run away” from Absalom. It was a time of deep sadness, despair, grieving, betrayal, and little direction for the future. And yet, we see David turn his sorrow to the Lord. He not only trusts that God is strong enough to meet his physical needs for protection (62:7), but also that He can provide for his emotional and relational needs for love and comfort (62:11-12). We even see in 62:7 that he trusts God for the protection of his honor (his reputation, title as King, his name).

Psalm 63 takes us to a new setting in which David is hiding out (most likely thought to be again from Absalom) in the Desert of Judah (just east of Jerusalem). Though physically David is in a dry and weary place, he cries out to God to fill his soul to be filled to abundance. He reflects on how previously, in God’s sanctuary, he has experienced God’s power and glory. He acknowledges that being touched by the love of God is more meaningful than life itself.

It seems that no matter how difficult his circumstances are David knows that if he can worship God and meet with Him and see His love, power, and glory, His soul will be totally filled and satisfied.

His security, fulfillment, courage, joy, and hope all come from his relationship with God.

How is the Lord speaking to your heart through these passages? What ways is He inviting you to stop running to other things to satisfy, to repent, and to come to Him to find meaning and rest?

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