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Close To His Heart

Have you ever had those times where you wish you were a little girl and could climb up into your Father’s arms for comfort, love, and protection? We are never too old to do this. Isaiah 40:11 tells us that our Shepherd gathers us into His arms and carries us close to His heart!

The word “carries” in the Hebrew includes the idea of lifting us up, supporting and sustaining us, and continuously bearing our burdens. Think about the fact that the Lord carries you close to His heart! You cannot get any more intimate and tender than this. He wants you to hear His heartbeat. I remember when my daughter was born, for the first 24 hours, she would not rest unless I tightly held her against my chest. There is something about hearing the heartbeat of one who loves us so much that makes us feel safe and secure, no matter how difficult things are.

So take a few moments today. Open your Bible and look at this verse. Then close your eyes and let the Spirit lead you into the Lord’s arms. Picture laying your head against His chest and hearing the safety of His heartbeat for you. Enjoy being that little lamb, resting in His warm embrace.

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