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Are You Willing?

“I will bring him near and he will come close to me, for who is he who will devote himself to be close to me?” - Jeremiah 30:21

Different translations describe the original Hebrew words in various ways. When we put them together, we capture a beautiful picture of what God desires from us. “Who will devote herself to be close to me?” Another says, who will “engage her heart to approach me.” One more translation says, “Who has pledged her heart to draw near to me?” As I was studying Jeremiah, my eyes became riveted on this one question. It was as if God called out to me and said, “Sue, will you devote yourself to be close to me?”

Consider this word “devote” for a moment. To what or to whom would you say you are devoted? Your children? Your husband or boyfriend? Your parents? Your work? Your hobbies? Your ministry? The Lord? What about those things or people make you say that you are devoted to them?

When I was younger, I was devoted to sports. I practiced and exercised incessantly. It was my greatest joy. I committed endless hours to being in shape and refining my skills. It was what I most enjoyed doing in the day. My devotion now has shifted to the Lord, my family, my friends, and my ministry. They are my priority. My time, my thoughts, my money, my love and commitment, and my activities are very much focused on them. They are the source of my greatest satisfaction.

In this passage in Jeremiah, God asks us if we will be devoted to be close to Him. Is it your focus, your priority, your commitment to draw close to God? This is the invitation that He makes of you. Take time to consider the time, money, emotional energy and physical activity that you spend. How about your thoughts and prayers? How much are these things focused on being devoted to draw close to God? Engage and pledge your heart to draw close to the Lover of your soul.

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