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An Attitude of Expectancy // Part 3

“Shall I go and get one of the Hebrew women to nurse the baby for you?” (Exodus 2:7)

Miriam had such a tense anticipation of God’s hand in her circumstances that she was able to act with courage. I want the same boldness and anticipation; I want to be expectant! It is easy to fall into discouragement and fear, and there is no shame in slipping up, but I encourage you to not stay there. Be expectant of what God is going to do!

God often exceeds our expectations and desires. I assume that when Moses’ mother and Miriam put him in the Nile, their greatest desire was that he would live. They did not expect to have him brought back to them for his toddler years, or that his mother would be paid to nurse him, or that he would be raised as Egyptian royalty (Exodus 2:9-10). I believe God’s plan for us is always better than what we hoped for. We need to be expectant no matter what our circumstances are. Even though we may find ourselves nearsighted and unable to imagine a way out, let us choose to expect the unexpected from our Lord and Savior who knows our hearts better than we know them.

Today’s Bible Reading: Exodus 2:1-10

A moment to reflect:
  1. What do you see about the character of God in this passage? This is not the direct focus of the passage so challenge yourself to see how He's involved . Think of something different than your response from Part 1!

  2. In response to question one, what is one specific way that you can be expectant of God to act in a specific area of your life?

  3. Spend some time in prayer over this particular area of your life. Pray through this passage of Scripture and let the Holy Spirit lead you in how to pray.

By Kaelah Byrom; an excerpt from For Such A Time As This: Walking Through Crisis *A moment to reflect is added for this post

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