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A Savior who Delights in Saving

Psalm 18 is an amazing story of God rescuing David. In verse 19, he says that God rescued him because He delighted in him. What a beautiful picture. Sisters, God delights in you. As we all know, David was far from perfect. His sins were many and his failures were great. And yet, he knew that God delighted in him. We are God’s delight and so he longs to rescue us in times of need.

A second incredible point is that our God is so mighty that He can turn our darkest moments into light! Even when everything (and everyone) around us is of the darkness, God becomes our light and can lead our path. “Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path” (Psalm 119:105). Just as with David, God can “reach down from on high and take hold of you and draw you out of deep waters” (Psalm 18:16). No matter how dark things look, remember the darkness is as light to God.

Finally, in Psalm 18, we see that God not only rescued David from this difficulty, but He used this time to train him to become a stronger warrior. Admittedly, many of us women do not have the ambition to become a warrior. However, reality is that we are in a battle with the enemy. Like it or not, the enemy is at work around us and we must either use the weapons the Lord has given us or live in constant defeat. When the enemy is too strong, we can call out to our wonderful Savior and HE will deliver us. Then He will “help us advance against a troop,” “scale a wall,” “arm us with strength,” “train us for battle,” “give us a shield of victory,” and “stoop down to make us great” (Psalm 18:29, 32, 34-35).

After this awesome victory of the Lord, David wrote this Psalm. He began this story by praising God and acknowledging Him as His rock, fortress, strength, shield, deliverer, refuge and stronghold. Like David, “call to the Lord, who is worthy of praise and He will save you from your enemy” (18:3). Do not live in fear of the enemy, even if darkness is all around you. Rather, turn and look to your Master who delights in you and longs to rescue you if only you will have faith to call out to Him. Pray for God to give you faith to trust in the strength, power and love of your Deliverer in the midst of the darkness around you.

-Sue Corl (Founder of COBI, read more in her More Beautiful by the Day devotional)

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