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A Prayer of Thanksgiving

When the Jews had finished building the wall around Jerusalem in Nehemiah 12:27-47, they had a ceremony of dedication. The Levite priests came together to celebrate with songs of thanksgiving. The leaders gathered on top of the wall along with two large choirs to give thanks. All the people celebrated with such great joyous sounds that they could be heard from far away. May we take time throughout this week to join with others in joyful praise and prayers of thanksgiving to our Lord who has done so much for us.

King David wrote a beautiful Psalm of thanks that can lead us into a wonderful worshipful time of thanksgiving. Join with me and pray through 1 Chronicles 16:7-36:

  • Call on His Name and sing praise to Him

  • Tell of His wonderful acts

  • Glory in His Holy Name

  • Look to the Lord for His strength

  • Seek His glorious face

  • Remember the miracles and wonders He has done

  • Praise Him for His judgments

  • Praise Him for His commandments

  • Praise Him for His New Covenant

  • Praise Him for His promises

  • Praise Him for our inheritance

  • Praise Him for His protection from the enemy

  • Praise Him for our salvation

  • Praise Him for our calling to proclaim Him to the nations

  • Praise Him for His Greatness, that He is Almighty

  • Praise Him that He is our Creator

  • Praise Him for His splendor and majesty

  • Praise Him for the strength and joy that comes in His Presence

  • Ascribe to Him the glory due His name

  • Surrender yourself to Him as an offering

  • Praise Him for His holiness

  • Praise Him for His creation and that He holds us and all the earth in His hands

  • Praise Him that He reigns

  • Give thanks for His goodness and love

  • Thank Him for being our Savior

  • Praise Him that He is eternal and we will be eternally in His Presence

  • Say “Amen and Praise the Lord”

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