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The Invitation

It can arrive in the mail, come by phone call, or appear by text, “You are invited…”

Such affirming words. You’re chosen, selected, included, sought after, valued, wanted.

“You are cordially invited to Barbara’s birthday party…”

“We invite you to attend the University of…”

“We’d like you to join the neighborhood social committee…”

“It’s our pleasure to extend an offer of employment…”


You are accepted.

You are valued for your talents.

You are sought after for what you can offer.

You’re chosen.

Your spirits soar. “They like me! I must have impressed them with my….”

You see yourself as they do.

However, the birthday parties soon end, school years come to a close, committees eventually disband, and the places of employment change.

And what then, when the invitations dwindle, or stop coming altogether and you hear:

“I’m sorry, we had to limit the number of guests…”

“We regret to inform you that you have not been selected for the school board this year…”

“The company is downsizing and we have to let you go…”

What then? You’re crushed, disillusioned, maybe devastated. Do you see yourself as they do?

You are not accepted.

You are not valued.

You are no longer wanted.

The invitation has expired.

There is an invitation that is extended to you and me that never expires. It requires no entrance fees or exams, no special talents or abilities. It’s not a reward for good behavior or great efforts. In fact, there’s nothing we can do to “earn” it.

You see, the invitation is offered not on the basis of what we can give, but what has already been given to us.

This invitation is extended by God to join Him in relationship and abundant life through His Son, Jesus Christ. In His great love for us, God exchanged His Son’s perfect life for our imperfect life, and so accepted us. He valued us enough to suffer and die for us. He pursued us even when we ran away from Him. He chose us solely on the basis of His love for us.

We have a choice as to how we see ourselves. Let’s choose to see ourselves, to base our identity on how the God who created us sees us and accept His invitation:

“Come, follow me.”

Matthew 4:19

- Kathi Fritz (a member of the Crown of Beauty community)

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