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King of Kings

Putting Down Arrogance and Asking for Help

My favorite name for God is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.   This does three things for me daily.  By recognizing that there is an authority that is smarter, stronger, and more powerful than myself it keeps my ego in check allowing me to readily admit that the Creator is greater than myself. Like a loving father, though, He can also help me.  “Your throne was established long ago: you are from all eternity.” (Psalm 93:2)

While I am not in an actual war zone sometimes situations feel intense in my own world. If my reaction to a person or event is not in a normal range, I am probably experiencing a trigger from my past being hit.  It is like a scab that still hurts when it is touched. It is better but not totally healed. I can ask God as a soldier might ask his commander. By doing this I am admitting, I am not perfect, and that I need help.

I was a working mother with an intense job in the brokerage industry requiring me to be on the job 6 days a week, most often with late hours.  I missed a lot of my kids growing up. Now, I am at my oldest son’s house helping him for a few days with my grandchildren while my daughter-in-law is out of town. Watching my granddaughter play in the pool of plastic balls or my grandson make a pretend pizza is like a dream come true for me. There were a few times though where I felt a sense of sadness while reading to them or just sitting and watching TV together. It was because while I was enjoying the time with them it made me realize what I missed with my own children.

I turned these strong feelings of grief over to the King. He has authority in this world, across the universe, and most definitely in my heart. The King is a compassionate judge, and he can reverse all time and space.  Once I did this the thought came to me that the Lord had heard my longing and rewarded my sacrifices for my family returning it to me in the form of the tender looks from my grandchildren and their innocent, trusting hugs.

While it may not always be possible to get a personal audience to see the King, I can still petition him in my prayers and unlike an earthly king I do not even need to have political connections, internet connection or a high-priced postage stamp.  By respecting his authority though he receives me and hears me. I have experienced this many times just as I did this past week with my family.

“On his robe and on his thigh, he has this name written King of kings and Lord of lords.” (Revelation 19:16)

-Shira Pacult (a contributing writer and member of the COBI community)

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