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Who defines your worth?

Happy Monday dear Sisters! This morning I had the dreaded task of visiting the dentist for a cleaning/checkup. As I sat in the large chair with eyes peering into my mouth and metal tools poking at my gums, the Lord shared with me how my mouth can give me insights into my spiritual life. I’ve been blessed with beautiful teeth and intentionally care for them, making sure they stay white and clean. However, I am very lazy about flossing and often think that if my teeth look beautiful on the exterior, it must mean that the interior is beautiful as well. Sadly, that’s not always the case.

Do you ever think that if your life looks put together on the outside then people will believe it’s put together on the inside as well? Ever find yourself thinking that if you do a lot of good things, serve often, read your Bible daily, or at least a few times a week, and measure up to the expectations of those around you, then your spiritual life must be good as well? Perhaps you look at the lives that those around you portray and compare yours to theirs, feeling ashamed if you’re not as put together as they are. But so often, we don’t see or know what’s on the inside.

So often, we ignore what’s on the inside and put our energy into preserving the outside.

It’s not until something like a cavity comes or sensitivity in the gums causes pain that I realize, oh I guess just because my teeth are white, doesn’t mean my mouth is healthy. Perhaps you need a reminder today too that the exterior isn’t always an accurate depiction of the interior.

God knows your heart, sister. He knows your struggles; He knows the areas that still have mess and clutter. He knows sin that you don’t even know is there. He’s not so concerned about the outside as He is about the inside. Don’t compare yourself any longer to those around you. Bring what’s on your heart (the interior) to God. Confess those feelings of shame and those lies that you don’t measure up.

Stop living as if your works are what bring you value and approval, as if people have the power to tell you your worth.

Embrace God’s truth today that He is the one who makes the interior beautiful. Spend time with Him, time in His word, time in prayer, and time set aside to be with Him so that He can do a transformational work in you daily, from the inside out.

Today's Bible Reading: 2 Corinthians 3:4-6; Psalm 139

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