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Free to Choose Freedom

If I cannot choose otherwise, then I am not free. If I am compelled or forced to do something against my will, then I am a slave. The gospels are the most amazing news of freedom ever proclaimed because they acknowledge the fact that we were all indeed slaves at one point. And then they announce that the alternative is possible!

I could not choose what I was thinking about, the actions I took, the attitudes and the emotions of my heart. They were all dictated by something other than myself. I was in fact nothing more than a pawn, being moved about by forces bigger than myself.

Have you experienced this? You wake up thinking about something that makes you miserable but you can’t stop. You disrespect your body by stuffing it full of things that will make you sick because your emotions are crying out for comfort and won’t let you be. You react with anger when your child uses a certain tone and you cannot stop the harsh words that wound the one you love.

You are not in control.

You are not free to choose differently,

Or are you?

Are we aware of how to walk in the freedom and independence God has purchased for us?

The freedom that God has given us goes beyond the borders of a country or the superficial liberties we celebrate this month. They are not temporary. Our God-given freedom is eternal and powerful and beyond the ability of the enemy to thwart. We can only be forced to do something in a superficial way. On the inside, we live in a limitless freedom.

We are set free from our past hurts and free from our future fears.

We are set free from worrying about our provision.

We are set free from the fear of death.

We are set free from the need to control.

We are set free from everything that weighs us down and steals our joy.

The instant we step into the present moment - God is there. Waiting with whatever it is we need at that moment. Sweet freedom from the burden we are carrying. God is ALL SUFFICIENT and has provided a COMPLETE freedom for His daughters.

Declare your independence and freedom from the things that are holding you back and spend time everyday walking in God’s freeing presence. You will see the chains fall off and the doors swing open - you are free to choose indeed! Choosing His presence spreads freedom into all of the parts of your life.

“It is for FREEDOM that Christ has set us free!” Galatians 5:1

- Kelly Joyce (a member of the COBI community)

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