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Finding God in His Creation

A tree in a field creation offers a restful place where we can experience the presence of god

Since the beginning of time, God has clearly communicated His existence to all people. His method of communication? Creation. Everything God made is clearly seen and displays His eternal power and divinity. His wondrous creation sings praises to His glorious name. Whether a small buzzing bee, an evening sky full of twinkling stars, or majestic snow-capped mountains, all reveal the wonder of the One True God who spoke all things into existence. Creation is an invitation to intentionally explore and enjoy His artistry, and in response, offer up praise to His great name. 

I love being in God’s creation. One of the most memorable places for me was the Grand Tetons, where I visited last fall. I was in total awe. Being in the mountains, I felt the presence of God in a real tangible way. Through the grandeur of the mountains and roaming wildlife, I was constantly reminded of the impressiveness of God. I recall one morning hike with my husband overlooking the sunlit lake, there was an unspeakable beauty in the silence and stillness all around us. As I took an intentional pause to listen, I heard the sound of a gentle breeze. I immediately recalled the similar experience of Elijah who also felt God in the soft whisper of a gentle breeze. In that very moment, I felt the overwhelming peaceful presence of God with me.   

Creation offers us a restful place where we can experience the presence of God. Here, we can explore the mystery of what was made for our enjoyment and His glory. A life of hurry squeezes out these special moments. However, establishing intentional time to explore His creativity provides opportunities to engage in these delightful pleasures. We don’t have to travel to the Tetons. We can find His wonder in the simplicity of a quiet walk in the woods; viewing a sunrise or sunset; or stepping out on a clear night to gaze at the stars. God desires that we find Him in simple moments like these. Take a moment to be still and to listen for His quiet voice washing over you with His grace and love. And when you do, your soul will be enriched by thoughts of an awesome God who sees you and knows you by name.

-Deneen McDonald (US Director for COBI)

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